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Using a promo coupon

If you receive a promotional code, you can apply it during the checkout process.

To apply a promo coupon:

  • When you find a Quix you want to purchase, customize your order and click "Order Now".
  • Before you place your order, in the Summary section, click "Apply Coupon Code".
  • Enter your promo code and click "Apply".
  • When you are finished, click "Pay" button.

Why wasn't my promo coupon applied to my purchase?

  • Promo codes have to be input manually on the checkout page. Once you input the promo code you need to click on the apply button. If this is not done the promo code is not applied to the purchase.
  • The promo code can be entered only when ordering one Quix, placing an order from the Quix page. The promo code cannot be used when ordering through the shopping cart.
  • Promo codes cannot be applied to orders that have already been created.
  • If you have already clicked "Apply the Coupon" your coupon will be marked as used and you need to place the order. If you refresh the page or start the ordering process from the beginning, this could be a reason as to why the Code not valid notification is received in this instance.
  • Promo codes have terms and conditions that have to be met for the promo code to work. Among these terms we can find that some codes have an expiry date or they can only be used on certain Quixes or types of orders (such as orders from Branding section). These conditions can be found in the banner, email or other official source you received the promo code from.

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