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About This Quix

Are you planning to advertise your business or brand on billboards and other outdoor media, but need a really cool design that can attract the attention of your audience? Entrust this to our team of professional designers.

In this Quix we will develop a design to place on:

  • large billboard of horizontal or vertical orientation
  • city-lights
  • building facades (firewalls) or shop windows
  • street banners
  • public transport stops and metro stations

This Quix includes one design concept. Additional design concepts can be ordered from the list of Quix extras on the right.

We can create an amazing outdoor advertising design using the materials of your photoshoot  (make sure the materials you send are of the suitable size and high quality), materials from stock platforms, or our personal graphics.

With the final delivery, you will receive all original and ready-to-print vector .ai / .eps files and JPG preview images.

Surprise your customers and competitors with noticeable and creative advertising, created according to all the rules of marketing.

*** Additional materials can be ordered from the list on the right ***

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to get started?
To get started, send us your logo and corporate style materials in vector format, information about brand colors and fonts.

Be sure to describe your preferences for the story and design of the ad and send all the texts that should be placed on your ad.

Don't forget to send information about the size and type of your outdoor media.

If you want to use images of your product or materials from your photoshoot, make sure they are high quality and large enough to be placed on advertising media.

If you have additionally ordered the development of slogans for your advertising campaign or brand, please provide us with information about what idea or benefits of your brand you would like to emphasize in the slogan.
What if I forgot to order some extras that I need?
You can order extras at any moment even after order placement. The list of extras will be available on the order page.
What if I used all the revisions that were included in the package?
In this case, you can order additional revisions from the Quix extras or you can choose any of the previous design options and ask to deliver source files of the chosen option.
What is a vector file?
In short, a vector file is the source file of any graphics created in Adobe Illustrator. Usually, the extension of a vector file is .AI, .EPS, .SVG

Vector graphics is the most common format used in design and printing.

A great advantage of vector images is scaling. Even if you scale, the image quality is not affected and will be in good quality. For example, the image in vector will look good, if you print it on a business card or a billboard.

PLEASE NOTE, that files with the extension .PNG, .JPG, .PSD (Photoshop) are definitely not vector files. These are bitmap or raster graphics.

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