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Order statuses

What does my order status mean?

Once an order is placed it will change to different statuses as actions are taken by you and the Quixerr.


When an order is marked as Pending, you are required to submit the requested information to start the order.

You will see a large orange ribbon indicating a reply to the instructions is required to start the order. 

In Progress

When an order is marked as In Progress, this means that you have replied to the Quixerr’s instructions and we are expected to deliver within the stated time frame set on the order page.  

You will see the expected delivery date and the countdown timer to the delivery.

We encourage you to actively communicate updates, questions, and any relevant information so that the order can be delivered in time, and as expected. 


When an order is marked as Paused, this means that we need some important information or clarification to continue working on the project and we have paused the countdown to the delivery until the buyer responds.

On Approval

When an order is marked as On Approval, this means that we have sent you an intermediate part of the work that requires your approval. The countdown timer will be paused until we receive your approval or request for revision (if available).


When an order is marked as Delivered, it means the we have sent a delivery message with completed work for you to review. You can accept the delivery with feedback, or request revisions (if available) to be made to the order. 

You can leave feedback on the order through the feedback button after accepting the delivery. All feedback messages are displayed on the Quix page. You can choose to not rate the order if you don't wish to do so.

If you need changes to be done to the delivery, you can request revisions if you have unused number of revisions or you can buy additional revision. 

Note: Orders will be marked as complete 7 days after the order is delivered if you don't request revisions or complete the order by adding feedback.

Revision Requested

When an order has a status Revision Requested, it means that you require us to revise the delivery to fit the requirements sent. We are prompted to deliver again and both we and you are encouraged to communicate on the order page to sort out any issues with the delivery. 

You will see a message to indicate that revisions were requested on the progress bar.

Cancellation Requested

When an order is marked in Cancellation Requested, it means the resolution center was used to request the cancellation.  


When we delivers an order and you leave feedback, the order is marked as completed. In addition, if we deliver an order and you do nothing (i.e., do not accept the order or request the revision) for seven days, the order will be automatically marked as complete after those seven days.

Note: Once an order is marked as "completed" the status cannot be reversed.  However, communication with the seller can continue through inbox messages, if further work on the order were required.  


When an order is marked as Late, it means that we missed the expected delivery time. You are entitled to cancel your order.


When an order is marked as Canceled, it means that we canceled your order and you got the refund.

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