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Payment is failing

Why is my payment failing?

There may be a record of a pending transaction on your bank statement when the transaction through the card method doesn’t succeed (error appears on the checkout). This happens because the authorization request was sent to the banking institution. In case of an error/failure, Quixerr is making sure to cancel/void the authorization. Depending on processing time by the specific bank, the funds from cancelled/voided authorizations should be placed back on your card within 2-7 days.

Cancellation/voiding of the authorization is not the same as refund, so there won’t be record of the refund on your bank statement. The funds originally reserved/held by the bank for the transaction will just be released back to your card's balance.

What are my options?

  • Please contact your Credit Card company to make sure there isn't an issue with your account.
  • Try using a Credit Card that is not attached to the same banking institution.
  • If you tried to purchase only once, then you may want to try one more time.
  • Don’t hit "go back" button on browser or refresh the page. To try again, start the checkout process from the start.

When a payment fails, we recommend checking the following:

  • Did you input your card information correctly? 
  • Is your card currently valid?
  • Is there a limit on your card?
  • Did you contact your bank to make sure you are able to make payments to an international company based in Ukraine?

If you have tried all of these options and everything is working on your end, but the payment has still not gone through successfully, you can contact our Customer Support team for additional assistance. 

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