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How can I post a request for services?

To post a request, you need to first sign in to your account. Find and press the "Post a Request" button in the left panel on the user home page. Fill out the Request form and submit it.

To make sure your Request is clear, practical, and in line with Quixerr's guidelines, consider following these tips:

Be Concise.

Although you have ample room to write what your needs are in the Request, a good rule of thumb is to keep to a couple of paragraphs with specific bullet points. Make sure that you add links and examples to show what you are looking for.

Do you need to send a detailed brief?

Attach a separate document so that the body of your Request is brief and concise, but we can check all of the key information.

The request should not violate our rules.

Make sure that the services you're requesting are in line with Quixerr's Terms of Service and, if a third party is involved, that the service also abides by their terms of use.

Do you still have questions ?

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