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About This Quix

It is difficult to imagine running a modern business without using an e-mail. It is considered good manners to have a signature at the end of your email so that the recipient can immediately see who is writing from which company and how to contact the sender if necessary.

Today, email clients even have separate settings to automatically add a signature to all your outgoing emails.

In this Quix we will develop an electronic signature template for your company that will contain all the necessary contact information, logo, and brand design of your brand.

This Quix includes the following:

  • 3 design concepts
  • Adding contact details of 1 person
  • Source files in vector format
  • Fonts
  • Email signature in JPG format

If you need a clickable HTML signature, you can order this service from the Quix extras.

*** Additional materials can be ordered from the list on the right ***

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to get started?
To get started, please send us your logo in vector or PNG format with a transparent background and describe your preferences for the signature design, the colors you like - or just send us some examples of what you think is cool.

Also, send us all the information that should be placed in the signature (for as many employees as included in your order):
- Photo (if you want to add it to the signature)
- Name and surname of the employee
- Position in the company
- Phone number
- Contact Email
- Website
- Address
- Other information you want to place in the signature

Also, please provide general information about your brand, business, product/service, and any other information you think we need to know before we start working on the design.
How can I add a signature to my email client?
For each email client, the settings may be different. Use Google search or read the tutorial for your e-mail client.

Usually, you just need to find the appropriate window to which you will need to add a signature image.

If you want to add the HTML signature that you ordered from us from Quix extras, you will need to open the HTML file, which you will receive with the final delivery. Select all on the page that opens and copy all to the clipboard. Find a window in your email application to add a signature and paste the copied content into that window.
What if I forgot to order some extras that I need?
You can order extras at any moment even after order placement. The list of extras will be available on the order page.
What if I used all the revisions that were included in the package?
In this case, you can order additional revisions from the Quix extras or you can choose any of the previous design options and ask to deliver source files of the chosen option.

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