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About This Quix

This Quix was ​​designed to place all the necessary texts and prepare labels for printing. It does not include the development of a label design concept, and before ordering this Quix, you must have the existing label design concept in vector format.

As an additional service available in the Quix extras, we can develop a design for the new SKU in the line based on your existing design concept. The design can be created for an identical product, but with a different taste, color, flavor, or other properties, or even for a different product from a different product category (if it belongs to the umbrella brand). Look for relevant items in the Quix extras.

One Quix includes preparing for printing a label for a single product. If you need to prepare several labels, you can order the appropriate number of Quixes using the corresponding buttons below the list of Quix extras.

If you do not yet have a concept for label design, you can also order its development from us. To do this, we have a separate Quix.

Within this Quix, we do not create new designs and do not prepare labels for printing based on image files in JPG, PNG, or raster formats such as PSD, TIFF, etc. To do this, you must have your design concept in vector format (.AI or .EPS).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need from me to get started?
To get started, send us the following:
1) Your existing label design concept in vector format and with all correct dimensions
2) All fonts used for texts in your concept
3) All texts to be placed on your label in Word / PDF / TXT format

If you have additionally ordered the creation of a label design for a product from the line or another product category of the umbrella brand, then also send us:
4) List of products for which you order the development of the label. For products in the same line, it should be the same type of product as the one you sent as a ready-made concept, but it may have a different taste, color, aroma, function, or other properties. For an umbrella brand product, it must be a product produced under the same brand which concept you are submitting in vector format, but it may belong to a different product category with a completely different shape and type of label.
5) The dimensions of the label or die-cut in vector format for each type of product from the previous paragraph
6) Mandatory elements and texts that must be placed on the label of each type of product - weight or volume of the product, product name, icons, warnings, marketing markers, etc.
7) Describe in detail the properties, functions, flavor, color, taste of each product, and everything you consider necessary to let us know before we start working on the design
8) Information on the price segment and target audience of the product, its competitive advantages over competitors
What if I forgot to order some extras that I need?
You can order extras at any moment even after order placement. The list of extras will be available on the order page.
What if I used all the revisions that were included in the package?
In this case, you can order additional revisions from the Quix extras or you can choose any of the previous options and ask to deliver files of the chosen option.
What is a product line?
This means that you have the same product with the same type of label, but it is presented in several variants that differ in size, taste, aroma, or other properties.

For example, you have a line of chocolates, which includes dark, milk, and white chocolate.
Or you have a line of shampoos, which includes shampoo for men, shampoo for women, universal anti-dandruff shampoo, shampoo for weak hair, shampoo with a nourishing effect.

IMPORTANTLY! Products must be of the same type and must have the same type and label shape.
What is an umbrella brand?
Umbrella brand is a brand that can combine quite different products and even product categories with different shapes and types of labels, but united by a single design concept.
For example, you have a big brand, under the name of which you produce several products for the bathroom - hand towels, liquid soap, washcloths, cotton pads, bath foam.
Or under your brand, there are several different types of ice cream - ice cream cones, ice cream on a stick, ice cream in a plastic cup, ice cream cake.
What is a vector file?
In short, a vector file is the source file of any graphics created in Adobe Illustrator. Usually, the extension of a vector file is .AI, .EPS, .SVG

Vector graphics is the most common format used in design and printing.

A great advantage of vector images is scaling. Even if you scale, the image quality is not affected and will be in good quality. For example, the image in vector will look good, if you print it on a business card or a billboard.

PLEASE NOTE, that files with the extension .PNG, .JPG, .PSD (Photoshop) are definitely not vector files. These are bitmap or raster graphics.

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